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About “Yerushalayma

Yerushalayma is a Classic Vintage style fashion that brings back the period of long ago garments.

This fashion style gives the women a simple, graceful, modest and dignified appearance that brings back the Victorian, Edwardian, American Civil War and Prairie style era and is synonymous with good quality and attention to detail.

From the floral prints to the classic shapes, they are the kind of clothes that last a lifetime.

Most of the fabrics used are natural materials such as cotton, wool, viscosa etc…

The colors of the fabrics are nature inspired.

The tiny flowers designs are repetitive and give the garments a charming appearance.

The clothes can be worn by young as well as old.

The profile of the customer of this fashion is of a woman with delicate, simple, traditional and modest values.

The blouses come with high or half high collars, long and ¾ puffed sleeves and lovely decorative edges.

The dresses are made in full length and comfortable to wear.

The garments are given a pretty soft look by added laces, ruffles, pleads and gathering method.

The sources of inspiration for Yerushalayma’s fashion comes from fashion designers like Laura Ashley and Ralph Lauren and a unique personality named, Tasha Tudor.

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